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Dear all,

First of all I would like to thank you for your patience with this situation. I promised you last week to come back to you this week with more certainty regarding the work on 164 and 166 High Street, Bangor so that we can re-open the Street to traffic.

I am delighted to confirm that the owners of both properties have agreed to start work as soon as possible. Contracts with those who will undertake the physical work have yet to be signed, but they are looking to start work on site during the week commencing 1st February 2021. I am pleased therefore that we, as a Council will not need to continue with legal action to gain control of the situation.

The work is to be completed in 2 parts. The first part will be to strengthen the road to support the crane required to enable the demolition work to proceed. It is anticipated that the work to strengthen the road will take approximately 7 weeks. Once a crane is located on site then the second phase, the demolition of the buildings, will be able to proceed, and it is anticipated that this work will take approximately 5 weeks. Therefore, to be realistic, it is anticipated that the High Street will be open in May 2021. We will be pressing for updates and greater certainty on the timetable as the work progresses.

We fully acknowledge that this situation has existed for a long time and has caused significant disruption. However, I can assure you that technical and legal complexities have hampered progress, but we are very pleased that a situation has now been reached where physical work may progress on site.

I will ensure that regular updates on the work are shared with you.

Thank you very much,

St David’s Day Celebrations 2021

The Council is working with its partners once again to celebrate St David’s Day this year. Further information on the programme of activities and events (24th February – 5th March) may be found here: Gŵyl Dewi Bangor - Home | Facebook

Pier Update (February 2021)

There are no major structural works taking place at the moment. Four stages of the restoration project have been completed, with two remaining. The priority over the coming months will be painting parts of the Pier, treating some of the planks and addressing the Linkspan at the end of the Pier. This work will commence later on this year.

The City Council are exploring funding opportunities with partners to improve the Pier and to ensure its sustainability going forward. The 125th anniversary of the Pier takes place on 14th May 2021. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, a large-scale event will not be possible however the Council is looking at alternative arrangements, with further details to be published closer to the date.

COVID-19 Support

Covid 19 virus Update Spring 2020

Friday Street Market

Due to the continued spread of the Covid-19 virus and for the safety of the people of Bangor it has been decided to suspend the Friday markets, until further notice.

Garth Victorian Pier

Please help us to maintain this lovely pier. Additional payments much appreciated - to help keep the pier open for all.

Link to Bangor Garth Pier website