Bangor City Council

History Of The Council

Bangor Pier Edwardian

Bangor Borough and the Bangor Corporation – the predecessor of the present-day City of Bangor Council – was established by Royal Charter in Queen Victoria's reign in 1883. For the following 90 years the Council took responsibility for the provision of public housing, building and development works, maintaining streets and footpaths, sewerage, environmental health, leisure and recreation, public open spaces and public buildings.

Local Government Reorganisation in 1974 saw much of the Council's power, assets and responsibilities passed on to the larger Arfon Borough Council and Bangor Council's role was greatly diminished. However, in 1974, the Queen conferred "City Status" onto Bangor and the title of "the City of Bangor Council" was assumed by the Council.

Bangor Pier from Anglesey