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14 October 2020

Fire damage to 164 and 166 High Street, Bangor
Following the fire at Noodle One on High Street, which also damaged the adjacent building, Morgan, we have been working towards demolition of the two properties due to the extent of damage and residual stability.... read more

June 2020

Demolition Works at 164 and 166 High Street Bangor

Further to visiting the businesses in the Pendref area of Bangor in March, the current circumstances with respect to Covid19 is of course having an effect on businesses throughout the County..... Read more

March 2020

Update - 164-166 High Street

  • Gwynedd Council has ensured that the site of 164-166 High Street Bangor is secure for the safety of the public.
  • The City Council liaises daily with the businesses affected by the fire.
  • Gwynedd Council and the City Council are promoting the message that the Street and businesses are open as usual.
  • The City Council has arranged for the printing and placing of a banner, designed by one of the High Street business owners.
  • The City Council and the Local Councillor have been discussing the needs and difficulties of affected local businesses.
  • The Business Improvement District, City Council and Gwynedd Council have prepared regular bulletin for the community updating them on the current situation.
  • The City Council is helping to co-ordinate refuse collection with Gwynedd Council.
  • Regular meetings are taking place between the City Council, Gwynedd Council and the Welsh Government.

Physical Works Update

  • Gwynedd Council has prepared a comprehensive work programme to respond to the structural impact caused to the buildings by the fire.
  • Gwynedd Council has arranged for a structural scaffold to be erected to protect the site, prior to the buildings being demolished.
  • In addition to this, Gwynedd Council has arranged work by a Structural Engineer.
  • Engineering works are in place to ensure the structure is strong enough to site a crane.
  • Arrangements are in place to disconnect gas, water and electricity services.
  • A ground radar survey has taken place.

Physical Works: Next Steps

  • Both buildings now need to be demolished.
  • A crane will be sited close to the site to assist with the demolition work.
  • Once the demolition is complete, security of the site will need to be ensured.
  • Once this has happened, work to dismantle the scaffold will take place.
  • The road will then be reopened.
  • The footway will be open and, while the above works are taking place, the City Council and the Cathedral will help escort people with difficulties through.

Further Assistance

  • Business Support Officers from Gwynedd Council’s Economy and Community Department will be visiting Pendref businesses this week, alongside Officers from Bangor City Council and BID.
  • Bangor BID shares the concerns of all affected businesses and understands the impact. Work is underway to get clear and visible signage for the public, to show that businesses beyond the scaffolding are usually open.
  • Bangor BID will be here to provide support, and continue to promote and market the affected businesses.
  • Bangor City Council continues to work closely with businesses to resolve any day to day issues and is happy to help and support businesses in any way.

Gwynedd Council Update

Gwynedd Council have undertaken substantial work in arranging for a structural scaffold to be erected to support both 166 and 164 High Street Bangor following the fire on 17th December 2019. Due to the size of the scaffolding required the road itself in the vicinity of the buildings is impassable, but the footway on the other side remains open.

We acted quickly in establishing a safe and workable traffic management arrangement due to the unexpected closure. Since establishing the temporary traffic system we have been monitoring how it has been working and liaising with businesses and suppliers and have made adjustments accordingly.

As part of the ‘Delwedd Bangor’ group, we met on the evening of 20th January where the traffic arrangements were discussed and many ideas were shared. It was agreed that any traffic system needs to put public safety first and that we cannot implement ideas where we believe that the safety of road users would be compromised. However, it was also agreed that any ideas regarding improving the temporary traffic arrangements should be forwarded to the Council via the contact details provided.

We are working closely with the building owners and their insurers in order to re-open this important part of the High street as soon as possible.

City Council Update

Emlyn Williams, City Council Project Officer, is working closely with businesses to resolve any day to day issues which arise. He is also in daily contact with the Structural Engineer on matters relating to 166 and 164 High Street.

The City Council have placed two banners, one on Asda Roundabout and the other on the scaffold outside 164 High Street, to highlight that the street is still open for business.

John Williams, Mayor, is in regular contact with Gwynedd Council and the Assembly Member in order to keep everyone in the loop and also to raise any matters, suggestions or potential resolutions for this important part of the High Street. A letter has also been sent to support businesses for a temporary business rates relief until the street has been reopened.

The coming months will be challenging, and the City Council is ready to cooperate, help and assist businesses in any way possible.

Bangor BID Update

Bangor BID are here to provide support to the businesses affected by the road closure near 164 High Street Bangor.

Events have been organised to bring businesses on the High Street together, such as the recent Cracker Pull.

Pamela Poynton, BID Chair, is in regular contact with businesses of Pendref, as well as the Local Authority, the City Council and Assembly Member.

Bangor BID have highlighted the situation through various media channels, including the BBC, Daily Post and the Bangor Aye and will continually work to raise awareness that businesses are open as usual and help in any way possible.

Contact Details

Should you wish to discuss any concerns, or should you have any questions, please contact us via:

Phone: 01286 679 545

Economy and Community Department
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