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Latest news

Mayor 2023/24: Cllr Elin Walker Jones
Deputy Mayor 2023/24: Cllr Gareth Parry

Mayor 2023/24: Cllr Elin Walker Jones Deputy Mayor 2023/24: Cllr Gareth Parry

The Mayor, Councillor Gwynant Roberts, announced that Dr Martin Hanks has been appointed the permanent role of City Director for Bangor City Council, as from the 1st September. Dr Hanks has previously filled the role on a temporary and part-time basis and is now taking up the role full-time.

Dr Hanks, who is originally from Caernarfon, has close links to the City, he studied in Bangor for nine years and also taught at the University for a time. For the last four years, Dr Hanks has served as Town Clerk to Penmaenmawr Town Council, where he was responsible for overseeing a number of successful projects. Dr Hanks is a Principal Member of the Society of Local Council Clerks and was recently appointed to the National Committee of the Association of Local Council Clerks.

The Council extend him a warm welcome and offer it’s best wishes in this role.

The Mayor congratulates Dr Hanks on his appointment

The Mayor congratulates Dr Hanks on his appointment.

Mayor: Cynghorydd Gwynant Roberts

Deputy Mayor: Cynghorydd Elin Walker Jones

July 2021

I will outline the steps during the next week which will lead to the re-opening of this section of the High Street at 9am on Wednesday 7th July as follows:

  • Resurfacing of the junction between High Street and Lon Bop - Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th June [completed].
  • Resurfacing and tidying the location in which the crane was set up on Thursday 1st and 2nd July
  • Dismantle the scaffolding and erect footway scaffolding on 5th July
  • Tidy up the site and clean the road and paving 6th July
  • Take down our signs and ensure safety and re-open the road at 9am. - Wednesday 7th July

May 2021

I am delighted to confirm that the demolition of 164 and 166 High Street, Bangor is going well despite the recent wet and windy weather.

During June the following aspects will be completed, namely:

  • W/C 31 May - completion of demolition of 164/166 High Street.
  • W/C 7th June - Dig out the piles in the road and reinstate sections of the road as needed.
  • W/C 14 June - Site clearance and quality assurance (Completion of phase 2 Demolition contract).
  • W/C 28 June - Resurfacing sections of road and junction at Lon Bopty
  • Looking to reopen completely on the weekend of 3rd and 4th July.

March 2021

Dear all
I am very pleased to report that, despite some technical challenges, the work to establish foundations for the crane to demolish 164 and 166 High Street remains on schedule. This work is expected to be completed by Friday 9th April 2021.

Phase 2 will then begin on Monday 12th April 2021, and I understand that this phase is expected to take approximately 7 weeks to complete. The important question is, when will the road reopen, and from the current timetable, I can report that the end of May / early June is the reasonable expectation.

There is another extra aspect however that I would welcome your opinion upon. ADRA is developing houses across the road to Varsity [137 High Street], and need to close the road for a week to deal with a sewerage diversion. There will be a need to close between 137 High Street up to Lon Bopty which will of course affect those who need access to Lon Bopty and Caellepa. Access would be possible via the former Minffordd Hospital and Hendrewen, and we would ensure that traffic lights were in place on the narrow sections.

I believe that there are two possible options:

  1. Dealing with the disturbance of road closures at 2 locations, and opening after the completion of the 164 and 166 High Street works in the comfort that there will be a stable period thereafter.
  2. Await the completion of the 164 and 166 High Street works and the road to open at that location before closing the other section so that there is relatively easy access for the residents of Lon Bopty and Caellepa.

I confirm that we are in discussions with ADRA, but that they are keen to progress their work in order to build much needed housing for residents. We would of course recommend liaison with the residents with each option.

Responding to the ballot result on 12th March, Mayor of Bangor, Cllr John Wyn Williams said:

“We welcome the news that the Bangor Business Improvement District (BID) Ballot is successful. This means an investment of over £740,000 in Bangor over the next five years. Bangor City Council will be working closely with Bangor First and other partners to ensure that the next BID term benefits Bangor businesses and residents, and that the BID helps the development of the city as a good place to live, work and invest in”

Pier Of The Year 2022

Garth Victorian Pier

Please help us to maintain this lovely pier. Additional payments much appreciated - to help keep the pier open for all.

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