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Bangor celebrates half-century of Twin City friendship

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A Day in the Life...

By Elin – the Mayor of Bangor

It was an honour to spend the day with Aaron and Howell, our amazing Bangor City outdoor operatives recently. Most of their work is unseen, often thankless – but they carry out those essential jobs that keep the city going, so I asked if I could spend the day with them. Their work is fundmental to our city.

I met them by the pier at 7 o’ clock in the morning, and then staright over to the City offices in the city Centre. We cast a glance around Tan y Fynwent, noted the rat problem and took some photographs so we could report the pests to the Public Protection depratment at Cyngor Gwynedd. It’s Cyngor Gwynedd’s responsibility to deal with pest control but it’s a responsibility for all of us to report pests.

After cleaning the offices, we returned to the Pier to empty the bins and inspect the condition of the decking, and general maintenance. Some of the decking beams were rotten so had to be replaced immediately. Saftey checks were carried out, and we moved on. We all need to be reminded that 5mph is the speed limit on the Pier, or the decking gets damaged.

Then we went over to Menai Woods to inspect the trees for any storm damage. Works are needed on the woodland path but as Aaron and Howell are our only City Council maintenance operatives, it’s impossible to get to grips with the significant works needed, without additional funds from all the stakeholders. We also visited Ashleigh Fields.

Then off to sort out the Christmas lights! This is a big job!

Then before the end of the day, there was a call from the Pier renovation team, needing wooden beams and other resources before tomorrow otherwise the works would have to stop! Aaron had to turn on his heel and go shopping immediately! Aaron has alos taken on additional tasks as the City Council is now responsible for raising and lowering the bollards on the high street. Thank you Aaron and Howell – you are priceless! We are very lucky to have you!

A Day in the Life... By Elin – the Mayor of Bangor

Quote from the Mayor:
On the intense occasion of Remembrance Sunday, we remember those who have lost their lives for the sake of others, and we also remember those who today are victims of the violence and horrors of war in our world. We pray for peace.

We support every effort to resolve a man-to-man dispute to the best of our ability.

Remembrance Sunday

The Mayor enjoyed counting down to start the fireworks! Everyone enjoyed the amazing display! Thank you to all the volunteers for ensuring a smooth and safe event for all.

The Mayor recently had the privilege of sharing the awards of talented Westend Academy pupils. She said "It was lovely to be present to celebrate the achievements of the lovely children. Congratulations to them all! Thanks to Natt Rob, the Academy's inspirational teacher for the invitation and warm welcome."

Westend Academy

Audit Notice 2023

Notice of appointment of the date for the exercise of electors’ rights

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Pier Of The Year 2022

Garth Victorian Pier

Please help us to maintain this lovely pier. Additional payments much appreciated - to help keep the pier open for all.

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